You can totally sit with us

I feel the need tonight to invite you to sit with me. Take a load off and let me tell you some things.

You are welcome here. You don’t need to wear pink on Wednesdays. You don’t have to be creatively driven like me or handy like Nick. You can eat stinky lunches and say funny things. You don’t have to be career driven or have a high IQ. You don’t have to have pretty things or own a home. There is no cool table or reject table. There’s just one very long harvest table with extendable leaves and extra chairs to go around. Please, come sit with me.

I need to tell you that you are valuable and that you have something to offer this world. I have truly come to learn that I am so much more then the boundaries and the expectations I have for myself. I am not defined by my looks or my book smarts. I am not limited to my career status or my income bracket. I am more than enough in this moment, at this table, right now.

Some of you can relate to feelings of self doubt. A lot of you even. If you’ve ever lost something important to you- a job, a baby, a friend, a dream, a promise… you probably know that in these moments self doubt can creep in and stay awhile. Doubt and self hate can sit at your table and it’s the only company you think you deserve to have. I desperately need to remind you that you are never defined by your losses (nor your wins). Somehow when you lose something, it sits heavy and plays into your emotions like a ticking time bomb- counting down the minutes until your heart explodes with unimaginable grief. The “funny” thing is, your heart never does explode, but the threat alone is damaging enough.

So let me tell you…

You ARE a work in progress and you are a masterpiece at the same time. You are laced with humility and bravery. Your mistakes are stepping stones to a story, each chapter unfolding a new side of you and your character. Even when your heart is threatened and you are holding on by mere threads… you take a risk and you brave out another day. You are a warrior and a fighter. You have been redeemed and you are favoured by our Lord. You are uniquely you and you are significant, valued, loved deeply, free and are always welcome to sit at Jesus’s table. He has saved you a seat and he marvels in your beauty. You can totally sit with us.

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