With a thankful heart

Today was one of two of my baby showers to celebrate baby Adams’ arrival! The food was delicious, the decor was adorable and the presents were so abundant. But as I sit down and think about the day, I find myself overwhelmed with gratitude for the community that surrounds Nick and I and our growing family.

I remember four years ago, praying for some “real”ย friendships. That God would hand pick these friends and bring them into my life. I’m just blown away, years later, in awe of the wonderful ladies that lift me up, spur me on and do life with me through the thick and thin hurdles and seasons.

Thank you all for your kind words and encouragement. For reminding me that all pregnancies are completely different and unlike the next. For telling me that I’m doing good and that “this” is normal. Thank you for praying for me and this baby and for all the little things you say and do throughout my pregnancy. Thank you for the outpouring of love you’ve shown with giving the sweetest gifts for this boy and for all your sentimental written words that I will cherish until this little peanut is grown and will one day appreciate it himself, too. For the words you speak over him and for your commitment to sticking around. Thank you for being there, Nick and I genuinely appreciate your friendships.


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