The basics of Colour Consultations

One of my favourite courses in College was the Colour Theory program. I loved learning about the benefits of colours and how they effect mood, health and perspective. It’s amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do in transforming the look of any given space. I once had a client who booked a colour consultation with me- she had a GORGEOUS home- but she kept saying how it just felt “off”. While I was there, we discussed a few of my basic colour guidelines and it became all the more clearer where the problems lied.


Do you want your space to feel open and airy or warm and intimate? If your answer is open and airy- you may achieve this with a cool colour scheme, simple furniture, a lot of natural and artificial light and accessories that allows your eye to flow through it (such as a glass coffee table and linen or sheer drapes). If you would rather a space that is warm and intimate- you may acquire a thick pile or patterned area rug to ground your space, warm colour scheme, dark wood finishes and plenty of textured and layered accessories.



Are you minimalistic, eclectic, traditional, modern or contemporary? Knowing your style will help you with choosing a complimentary colour scheme. If you’re minimalistic, you may gravitate to light colours with perhaps one accent colour in a deeper hue, while keeping the space open, uncluttered, and simple.



It’s difficult to establish a style and colour scheme if your living space is a mess of things that you either don’t like anymore or they don’t fit in with your new vision. Taking some time to sort through your items in piles of keep, donate and trash will help achieve your design goals. Ask yourself “does this fit into my style of _____(example:minimalistic)?”, “does it complement my _____ feeling?” and “does this hold sentimental value or am I just holding onto it?”. If it doesn’t help with keeping up your personal style and feeling of the room then don’t keep it. If it does have sentimental value, put it aside and see if you can incorporate it into your design in small ways. If not, you may want to find sweet and simple memory boxes to hold your treasures.



Do you pay attention to colours when you’re out in a restaurant, department store, hospital or hotel? It’s proven that some colours play into your mood! Pink may be your favourite colour, but it also has serious mood swings. At first you’ll feel very happy in the room, but it shifts to anxiousness within a few minutes. So instead, you may want to accessorize in your favourite hue of pink instead of painting the walls in it.



Okay, now for the fun part. When I’m asked into a client’s home for a colour consultation, I always pick 3-5 co-ordinating colours that fit and flow from room to room. That’s my secret in making a home feel in unison and complete. Remember I mentioned that client in the beginning, well her main floor had different colours that were all fighting together instead of working with her feeling, style and mood.

These 3-5 colours will be represented throughout your home. You will find these colours on the walls, on furniture, and in accents. They will flow harmoniously together allowing your space to feel like a breath of fresh air, rather then a mix match of different colours that just look “thrown” together.



Follow these guidelines and have fun making your home a true reflection of you! Feel free to comment with any questions, would love to hear from you and see pictures of your home colour schemes!         

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