Newlywed Party

This weekend was full of celebration as we honoured our favourite newlyweds! My brother-in-law married his beautiful bride in Suri, BC in late December 2016. Most family members on our side weren’t able to attend this destination wedding so throwing an intimate party was the perfect way to celebrate them!


For decor, I wanted the party to reflect their wedding day so in small ways I tried to incorporate little details of Sam and Jen. My handy husband built what I call the “love nest” which is a modern teepee draped in lace and macrame. It became a beautiful backdrop for photos and all that vintage lace was a mimic of Jen’s gorgeous vintage lace wedding gown.




The look was bohemian and vintage and all around intimate! Lit candles everywhere, a decadent dessert bar and lots to eat and drink- I’d say the party was a hit! I loved the small touches that Nick built; the love nest, wooden chargers that each candle sat on and the donut displays at the dessert table!



I also made a lot of handmade decorations like the paper flowers hung on the wall and signage. My sweet sister-in-law made cute prints for the dessert table that said “your love is sweet” and “you are the sprinkle to my donut”. I also re used items I already had, like the wooden wine rack turned into a cute card display.


For the guest book, we decided to do something interactive and un-traditional like signing Jenga blocks and creating a personalized meme with the couple’s wedding photos.


Vintage glassware turned into candle and flower holders made the space feel intimate and relaxed. These were placed on side tables throughout the house to make pretty vignettes!



We had lots of fun and the house was packed with people who love and support the newlyweds. What a beautiful reason to party!


Photography: Jenn Adams

Florals: Michaels Craft Store

Triangle  Chalk Banner: Dollarama

Tall Glass Vases (for candles) & small decorative flower vases: Natalie Ranae

The rest was either thrifted or created!

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