Behind the blogger

I bet you didn’t know…

  • I have moved so many times, I stopped counting once I reached the double digits
  • Ran away once when I was little. Packed my Hello Kitty Suitcase with the essentials… hot chocolate powder (no mug, no water).
  • Didn’t like high school, but felt challenged in Art class (which I took two in one year!)
  • Rolled up spare change for months and on my 13th birthday I bought a Standard Poodle, who is still my princess side-kick
  • Used to re-arrange our home growing up by sliding towels under furniture
  • Graduated Sheridan College from the Interior Decorating program
  • Felt adventurous when interning at Holly Hunt in New York
  • Worked in Toronto as a Showroom Manager, Design Consultant and even did PR for a tattoo company!
  • Got engaged on the top of an escarpment
  • Married my handsome husband in 2014 in a small DIY wedding on a private property
  • Worked close to home and wanted a simple change to focus on my wellbeing- working at a spa  was the perfect fit for me!
  • Live in a rental home with my man, two pups, a cat and my son (whenever he makes his arrival!)
  • I attend an awesome church where I volunteer in their Care team! I’ve also helped with set design… one of my favourites was our BRAVE marque letters that Nick and I made.
  • I swoon over pastels
  • Love creating and writing. I feel so connected with the blogging lifestyle!



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