A taste of Malta: my comfort food



I remember being so close to the water, you could smell the salty breeze of the sea from our table. My mom ordered a Hobz Biz-Zeit sandwich and chips for the two of us. Being a young girl, I thought tuna on a sandwich sounded horrible… until I took my first bite and was forever hooked. It was that day in Malta (where my mom was born) that I experienced a little bit of heavenly goodness.

There are a lot of ways to make this famous Maltese sandwich but I will share with you my favaourite way! Feel free to experiment with other ingredients such as capers, onions, tomato slices, etc.


Tomato Paste

Tuna in Oil

Sourdough bun

Havarti Cheese

Green Olives (or black)

Pickled Eggplant (or marinated veggies)


Olive Oil

Cut the bun in half and start by drizzling olive oil on either side followed by a layer of tomato paste. Add flakes of tuna to the bottom bun, followed by cucumbers, olives (diced), and pickled eggplant. Feel free to add other ingredients at this stage if you would like to mix it up! Grind fresh pepper on ingredients (optional). On the inside top of the bun put two slices of Havarti cheese and close the sandwich. Cut in half and serve!


It is SO delicious, I promise you! Light some candles, serve some wine and enjoy! Perfect for an afternoon lunch or dinner.

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