All the emotions

They weren’t kidding when they said after pregnancy your emotions are on an all time high! I catch myself gulping back tears regularly over these last few days. Tomorrow marks one week of Paxton being on the outside and I sit here in amazement that he is even here and that he is ours.

I have this “it’s too good to be true” feeling. This love that I feel for him and for his dad and our family is wonderfully beautiful and completely full. I knew on our wedding day that I would only love and cherish Nick more as we walk life’s adventures together but nothing prepared me for today. How did I get so lucky to have something worth so much? All the hardships individually and together, ultimately led us to today and for that, I sit with gratitude for everything difficult thrown our way. How perfect and precious these moments are.

Freezing time seems insurmountable, but it’s the only thing I can hope for. Freeze the cries and the coos, the singing lullabies, Dad standing over Pax making faces, the kisses all the firsts, seconds and thirds. Freeze it all.

So when I get overcome with “too good to be true” feelings, I’ll sit back and praise Jesus for all that He has given us and for Today.


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