My very own Mother’s Day

Last year looked so different. Three tests all lined up on the counter all confirmed I was going to me a mom! What perfect timing with Mother’s Day just around the corner. But it was just not our fate to have that baby at that time. This year, my joy overflows as I hold my baby boy in my arms and know he is here to stay. He has made me a mom and I’ll always be grateful to be able to care for him. He provides me glimpses of what grace looks like and I see how truly and fully God loves His children. Oh how He loves us! When we as His children fall short, He opens up His arms a little farther a part and says “This much. I love you this much”.

I am not a perfect person and I sometimes catch myself muttering “that was such a mom fail” under my breath. I know I will fail Paxton plenty of times in this life, but I can say for certain that I will never run short of love for him and I’ll make it my full time job to show him this love. In the failures I get pauses of perfect moments. Like him staring up at me with adoring eyes as if I could do no wrong by him. Splish Splash. My heart fills with more love, more grace, just more of him and his Dad and our Heavenly Father. “More” please, I’ll always crave more.


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