Happily Ever Adams

I used to be somewhat of a hopeless romantic. Now I’m more of a realist; believing in love, but having a better grasp of what that means and the sacrifices that come with it. But there’s something about today that has turned me into mush and made me rally for the happily ever after. 

On the eve of my brother-in-law’s wedding, I am surrounded by beauty. Prince Edward County’s fresh air, house with an old wooden porch and a backyard barn wedding that awaits us; all feeds into this storybook love story. 

As the bride and groom grow in anticipation, I sit here gulping in the fresh air and exhaling all the stress from the days before. This wedding is special not just because it’s family, but because it is the last time we gain a sister in our Adams clan. It’s the last time we will all gather together in suits and fancy dresses and watch our brothers make the biggest promise of their lives. It’s the last time for us; and that makes me overjoyed and filled with a sweet sense of gratitude. 

I wish the bride and groom a lifetime of happiness and challenges and triumphs and trials. The hard stuff happens and it makes you fall to your knees together and it also makes you vulnerable in your weaknesses. 

Be honest even in your darkness. Argue, a lot. It’s when you stop arguing and talking and discussing that it becomes an issue. But most importantly, don’t give up on each other. Encourage each other to be better people especially when your spouse is struggling to see themselves as good at all. Practice your apologies. Gone are the days where “I’m sorry” is good enough. Pray for each other, pray over the place you call home, pray together- keep praying. God brought you two together for a purpose; don’t lose sight of God’s goodness and provision in your lives. 

I am confident it will be a happy ending, but I’m also thankful for the start of you together and the middle. The middle is the good stuff. Stay there awhile and take every day as a chance to grow together in your marriage. 

Happily ever Adams, you two. 


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