My Pinterest Favourites for decorating with blue

There’s something about watery blues, aquas and pastel greens that keeps me calm and makes me comfortable. I naturally gravitate to interiors that use blue subtly in their decor or as splashes of colour for a focal point. I’ve been browsing Pinterest for my favourite interiors decorated in blue and I’m so excited to share what I found with you!


Painting an interior door in a favourite shade of blue

Using dishes, mugs and glasses as a way to bring in that relaxing hue of blue. Display in an open shelf, glass cabinet or table setting!

Art work is a great way to bring in an array of blue tones to your interiors! Up for a DIY? Try making a water colour print with a mix of blues from your palette.

A large foyer or entrance is the perfect place to try out some grey toned blues. It opens up the space making it feel welcoming and peaceful.

Painting cabinets blue is one of my favourites! So unpredictable and yet so charming!

White shiplap has been all the rage in home decor, but painted blue shiplap is a unique and whimsical way to add colour and texture to your interior.


To see more of these dreamy spaces, check out my Pinterest page here! Happy decorating!

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