Krista’s ‘Carrie Bradshaw’ Bachelorette

We were surrounded by fresh air, lake views and a hide-away home in small town Bobcaygen, Ontario. It was the perfect few days celebrating the soon to be bride, Krista-Marie. As long as I’ve known Krista, she has always been a “Carrie Bradshaw” to me. She has a uniqueness and an authenticity about her. She’s bold, strong and fights for the ones she loves and the things she believes strongly in. She has a big laugh and an even bigger heart. She’s my go-to fashionista and is always the most stylish in our group. But she is most like Carrie because she keeps her friends close. There are hardly days we go without talking and I know she’s just a text, phone call or a train ride away. It was just fitting to have a Bradshaw themed bachelorette for her girls get-together in a cute (and stunning) cottage (courtesy of her wonderful relatives).

Here are some of the decor, games and details of the Bradshaw Bachelorette!


13 notes were hidden around the cottage; inside containing reasons why Eric loves Krista. Can you spot any in the photos??

Paxton wore a custom made onesie to show his dedication to the theme. “Call me Mr. Big (poop)” and a pink bow tie was the perfect addition to the Bradshaw party!

One of my favourite games played was the dress up game mimicking Carrie trying on her various vintage apparel infront of her favourite girls. Cleaning out the closset to make room for your husband’s clothes has never been more fun!




Other games played were designing our own t-shirts, the lingerie guessing game (who gave what) and How Well Do We Know The Bachelorette Trivia. There was lots of time spent by the water and at night time we stayed cozy inside. Little “Carrie away” gifts were made for each girl to take home, which included delicious chocolate, a notepad and a pen and a bath bomb. I’d say it’s all of Carrie’s favourite things; sweets, writing and relaxation!

It was such a blast getting to know Krista’s lovely friends while we all shared a mutual love and adoration for the bride-to-be. Next up, her September wedding!!!!!

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