Must haves for new parents

I’ve been asked what are the things I wouldn’t live without when bringing a new baby home. Here are my favourites that got me through the first few weeks of the newborn faze.

*Pain relief oils and creams // I had horrible swelling in my feet and hands, but my feet were the worst! Nick helped me soak my feet in ice cold water and applied pain relief cream on my feet. Even just the foot massage helped with the pain and the pressure! // Try Johnson’s Baby Oil Gel Aloe & Vitamin E

*Sleepers for baby // We found the sleepers with built in booties and mitts were what we gravitated putting Paxton in for the first few weeks. It was cozy for baby and kept him from scratching his face. // Try the newborn sets at Carters OshKosh ( 


*White Noise Sound Machine // Babies are so used to the noises they hear from the inside. We found we all slept better when we had the white noise machine on; Paxton was comforted and soothed by the noise and we didn’t hear his every turn and little noise. // Our favourite is the Skip Hop Moonlight & Melodies Nightlight Soother

*Breastfeeding Pump // Pumping is a good way to increase your supply, but it also gives mom a break and lets dad do some feedings which is great for bonding. // Medela Breast Pump

*Swaddle // Paxton slept in his swaddle and it calmed him down every time! // SwaddleMe Knit Swaddle from Babies R Us


*Diapers // I know that’s a given but have a good supply in newborn and size one ready and organized in your change station so that around the clock changing is a breeze! // Try Huggies Little Snugglers Newborn Jumbo Pack


*Bassinet // Although we had Paxton sleep trained in his crib around the 7 week mark, we found it super helpful to have him sleeping beside us when we first brought him home. // Moses/Wicker Basket and Wooden Bassinet Stand from KidiComfort 


*Burp Cloths and Comfy Blankets // Paxton was and is a spitter! Having burp cloths on hand was so much better then putting bibs on him at a newborn age. Comfy blankets were also great when feeding. // Silky Soft Burpy Bib by Aden & Anais // Baby blanket by Modern Burlap

*Menstrual Pads // You are still healing after giving birth, so make sure you’re prepared with heavy flow pads. I remember running out and needing to get more because I thought I would just need it for a few days after birth. Ha! It’s better to have extra then to run out to Walmart with your newborn // Always Maxi Size 4 Overnight Pads Without Wings, Unscented 

. . . .

These are the items that I couldn’t live without, but I’m sure there are so many good ones I’m missing that worked for you! If you’re a momma, comment on my Facebook, Instagram or in the comments below with your must have items after birth. If you’re a soon-to-be momma, I hope my list helps you get ready for the arrival of your little one! Once baby is here, you will have your own list of favourites, too!


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