We are having another baby!!!!

By now you’ve heard the news that we are expecting our second baby in January! Yes, that’s two babies in one year (10 months apart)!!! I just have to say a warm and sincere thank you to everyone who has taken time to comment or message me privately with your warm wishes. I am so relieved and happy over your responses! Canย I just say how over joyed we are for this little life?! After feeling excited over our news, but also a bit terrified, God really showed me the beauty in it all. I quickly remembered the time in our lives when Nick and I begged and pleaded for a family of our own. It may have happened a bit sooner then expected, but there’s some humour and light-heartedness in it all; after all, God’s plan is far better then the ones we muster up in our minds.

It is such a blessing to see our family grow and stretch and become more full. I really don’t think I could do it without Nick who is an incredible super Dad. He’s such a great support and provider for our family; emotionally and practically, and we don’t take him for granted one bit!

I thank God for making us parents and for blessing us with a heaven baby, our precious boy Paxton and this little one on the way. This is quite the adventure and I plan on documenting life’s ups and downs along the way! Thank you for your support and best wishes, we so appreciate you!

Nick, Josie, Paxton and wee baby.

“Love knows no limits” 1 Corinthians 13:7


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