The Art of Making your Bed

I know this sounds ridiculous, but I crave my bed. It’s not just because I’m pregnant and also trying to keep up with my baby boy (although, naps have become a scheduled part of my days lately). As long as I can remember, I have loved my bed. I remember being in college and looking forward to the moment I could change into lounge wear and jump into bed! It’s still true to this day. I love reading, writing and lounging in bed… and of course, for catching some well needed zzz’s. There’s something about plumped up pillows, a cozy throw to cuddle with and clean, crisp sheets.


Here are my must haves for making my bed:

  • I love a mix of patterns and textures; like the vertical and horizontal stripes mixed together in the comforter and bed sheets.
  • Two Euro Shams are a must! I love reading with oversized pillows surrounding me. Also, they are the best when I have pregnancy heartburn in the middle of the night (I can sleep on an angle and still get a good sleep).
  • You can have two pillows or nine like me. I prefer having a small toss pillow mixed in to finish off the look.
  • A simple throw blanket at the bottom of the bed is my go to for relaxing in bed.



Excuse me while I go jump back into bed!

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