Pack your Hospital Bag

Whether you plan on going home right after birth or if you’re planning on staying for some time afterwards, here are my must haves for your hospital bag!


-sports bra/nursing bra or bathing suit top for using the tub

-an extra nursing bra for after labour

-water bottle with a straw (much easier to sip on while in labour)

-orange juice and crackers (kept my energy up)

-flip flops (easy to get on and off from bathroom to bed)

-a robe may be desired (I brought one but could only use it after delivery because of my epidural)

-lose fitting clothing for after birth- including underwear that doesn’t have a tight elastic band

-your own pillow

-a hand fan, ice pack or spray bottle to keep you cool

-tooth brush, tooth paste, hair brush and elastics

-extra heavy pads

-baby’s first outfit with hat and booties

-baby blanket

-baby diapers

When your bag is packed with all the good stuff, you’ll feel more prepared and less anxious for your baby’s arrival. These are the things that worked for me and what I plan on using for the delivery of number two!


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