S U R P R I S E! Our pregnancy story

It was early July and Nick and I were in the middle of a heated argument… as a normal married couple might find themselves to be. I was so angry, I decided to go to the movie theatre by myself and leave Nick home to care for Pax. It was wonderful! I had a huge bag of popcorn and a large drink all to myself! On the way home, I pulled into the grocery store plaza to buy a few things… diapers, a toy for Pax and a pregnancy test.

I was almost certain that I wasn’t pregnant and that these symptoms I’ve been feeling for the last three months were just a result of sleep deprivation and hormones rebalancing (as my doctor told me). But I bought one anyways, just so I could rule it out and move on to the next thing I could diagnose myself with.

I got home where Nick and I continued our argument. Sigh. He went into Paxton’s room to put him to bed and ended up snoozing on the floor to get away from his emotional and mood stricken wife. I went to the washroom…

One line popped up. SEE! I knew I wasn’t pregnant. The doctor was right, it’s completely just my hormones adjusting and taking its sweet time. Oh wait a minute, a second line just appeared. WHAT!?


I quickly went into Paxton’s room where I saw Nick curled up with his bulldog below his sleeping baby in the crib. “We need to talk”, I whispered. Like any man who’s just had a full day of arguing, he was done with me at that moment. “Fine, here you go” as I dropped the test beside him, which might I add, he had no idea I was going to take.

Not very much time afterwards, he came out with the test in hand and asked if this was for real. I covered my face with the blankets! Yes it’s real! He jumped on the bed, yanked the blankets off my face and I gazed up to a beaming face. I believe I asked him why he was so happy??! I was still in shock and my head was reeling with the thoughts of two babies under a year… that’s TWO babies to take care of full time, but Nick saw past all that and said “Our family is growing, this is great news, Jos”.

He was right (but don’t tell him that). We always wanted a family and a large-ish one at that. God has a plan! He already knows what’s before us before we do and his plan is far better then the ones we come up with! I thank God that He kept this baby safe for the entire first trimester without me even knowing there was a babe growing in there! All those frightful worries leading up to second trimester was non-existent just because I had no clue of this pregnancy. There’s a little bit of humour to it and just so much grace!

S U R P R I S E!!!! and such a gift, too.



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