Designing C4 Worship EP launch

I am still recovering from last night’s amazing party at C4 Church Ajax! I am in awe of how the night turned out and how God met us in the midst of our praises. I purchased two CD’s last night… one for me and one for our babysitter (my mom)! If you haven’t already, check out C4 Worship Hallelujah here.

The best part, of course was the live performance of some insanely talented musicians. But the design of the night was important too, as it played a role in the look and feel of the EP. I was so honoured to be asked to do the design and to work with fellow creatives to create an amazing night!

All the little details were so important in conveying what the CD was all about. From the 1000 Hallelujah art form in the middle of the lobby, to the black and white candy buffet and the lounge areas in the Green Room.

It all started with a design concept! And like any mock up design, a few things were changed, tweaked and perfected since pen hit paper.

thumbnail_image5_Fotorthumbnail_image3_Fotorthumbnail_FullSizeRender (1)_Fotorthumbnail_image4_Fotorthumbnail_image2_Fotorthumbnail_image1_Fotorthumbnail_FullSizeRender_Fotor

The look was minimalistic, industrial modern with black and white being the colour scheme with accents of green throughout each space. The mood was cool and relaxed with a warm lounge feeling.

We wanted everyone to experience the CD in the entire process of viewing the lobby. There were listening stations to preview the music before the worship night begun, framed lyrics on display on the candy buffet and merch tables and a live art form of the 1000 Hallelujahs just as shown on the album cover and in the promo video (watch it here). During the worship night, guests were asked to fill out their own Hallelujah card which was later added to the display in a beautiful overflowing art piece of all that God has done for us.


1000 Hallelujahs Interactive Art Centrepiece 


The Candy Buffets


Table Centrepieces


Photo Props and Display


Merchandise Tables



Interview/Facebook Live Lounge Area


Rest Spot and Lounge #1


Rest Spot and Lounge #2


Dining and the little details



This night was one for the books! I had so much fun creating such pretty spaces for such an important and impactful evening!

All photos are taken by Josephine and Nicholas Adams for Josephine Adams Blog. Thank you! 

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