Thanksgiving Table Setting- Splurges & Savings

My sister, Tanya and I have a lot of things in common including our mutual love for blue interiors. Every year we gather around her traditional dining table and spend Thanksgiving together, so it was only fitting to do the decorating at her house!  I wanted the room to feel cozy with fun touches but also true to it’s formal dining experience. The final look has touches of white and an array of blues all while keeping up with a traditional feel. I’ll be sharing the things worth splurging on and the big savings along the way!


Dining Room Table Setting- the finished look


Place Settings

SPLURGES: chalkboard name cards $4 each Michaels Craft Store

SAVINGS: blue drinking glasses which were thrifted $4 for a set of four 



SPLURGES: Wooden Crates $37.99 (buy one get one free) Michaels Craft Store

SAVINGS: flowers were re-purposed from a gift I was given! 



SPLURGES: large white pumpkins sitting on table $12.99 and up at Michaels Craft Store

SAVINGS: small blue pumpkins on table and white pumpkins in centerpiece were purchased from the dollar store- originally they were orange and I painted them! $3 per large pumpkin and $3 for a bundle of small pumpkins


Menus and Thanksgiving Banner

SPLURGES: silk napkins from HomeSense prices from $24.99 and up

SAVINGS: custom banner and menu designed and made from Decor & Beyond (find them here). Have something custom made to match your style perfectly like the traditional “thankful” banner with a contemporary twist! 



To achieve this look choose an array of blue hues and don’t be afraid to mix them into the decor! Keep the dishes simple and straight forward, but order a custom menu to set the tone of the dinner. Feel free to get crafty and paint your own pumpkins or go for the pre decorated ones from your local craft store! Hang a custom Thanksgiving banner as your final touch and you’re ready to party!

I am so very thankful this year and I can’t wait to celebrate in this gorgeous dining room with my beautiful family!

2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Table Setting- Splurges & Savings

  1. Shelley Dorazio says:

    Your beautiful Thanksgiving table setting inspired me update my orange pumpkins for some white ones this. We will celebrate tomorrow with family and friends!! Thanks for all your creative ideas and willingness to share them!!


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