Mom Guilt

I think it’s safe to say that this week I’ve been extra hormonal! I’m starting to feel really pregnant (ha! understatement). The fact that I’m entering into the final stage of pregnancy has got all my nerves on an all new high.

Mom guilt is such a real thing, it’s crazy! I’ve been silently freaking out this entire week until last night when I let all my fears have a voice and let all my concerns be known to Nick. And what did they stem from? Guilt. Mom guilt.

What if Paxton has a hard time adjusting to another little person sharing his mom’s attention? How am I going to handle two babies during the day- one who is a newborn that needs to sleep and eat around the clock and the other who is used to a schedule and his morning and afternoon outings and activities to keep entertained. How can I even cope as a person let alone being a good mom with sleep deprivation? What if I get really bad post partum depression and can’t even be present with my babies? What if Paxton starts loving me less or pulls away from me?

Yeah, who ever said mom guilt wasn’t a real thing…

It’s so easy to have a constant stream of negative thoughts run through your mind daily… hourly even. There is such a fear of the unknown but also an excitement for our family to grow. It’s tricky! But I guess parenthood doesn’t come with an instruction manual instead you learn and grow as you go along,

I’m very thankful for a few friends and my husband who spoke truths into my life and talked me off my man made cliff a few times this week. If you’re a momma and you’re feeling the mom guilt you’re not alone (clearly)! And if you’re friends with a mom remind them, encourage them and push them to keep going because they are doing the best work.


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