Why I love to blog

I have loved to blog since I found out what blogging was. I was fresh out of school and was in desperate need of a creative outlet. Blogging felt like a natural option for me to express my creativity and to find a voice for myself. Years later, I feel like my love for blogging has only increased. Today, I have not only found my voice, but I recognize it. I feel like I’ve established a certain style of writing and a common thread of topics I’m passionate about. It’s still my form of a creative outlet but it’s also what I treat as my business and a way of connecting with other like minded creatives and young moms.

I feel like God has sparked a passion in me that has been on a slow cooker for the last nine years. Finally I feel confident to speak the words God has placed in my heart and blogging is the best way to reach so many people that I wouldn’t be able to talk to organically.

So thank you for following my stories and for nurturing my creativity. Every single like, follow and comment is accompanied with a little happy dance inside. I know that I have a story to tell and I’m asking God to use me in unthinkable ways with my written words.


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