Picture Journal of the Newborn Stage

Oh the newborn stage, how crazy and wonderful it is!

The first few hours at home and all you can do is stare at your little one and each other and wonder how we could have made something so perfect.

Very little sleep trying to get milk supply to increase.

Swollen eyes from little sleep, but the cuddles are more then you could ever hope for.

Trying to bring swelling down in your feet so you soak your feet in a bucket of ice cold water all while feeding your babe… because lets face it, motherhood is all about multi-tasking! (it also makes a great water bowl for a thirsty bulldog)

Taking turns waking up and sleeping whenever possible.

Feeling so great getting out as a family of three, even if it was for a short coffee date.

Resting peacefully in our arms as we listen to the little noises he makes.

First bath and trying to keep him warm and comfortable.

Peek-a-boo so many blankets, so many layers!

Breast feeding every 45 minutes… then to every hour… then every two hours. (progress)

That first smile. There’s nothing better.

Checking his weight, making sure he’s putting on the pounds.

Snuggles and more snuggles.

The newborn stage was definitely challenging- and I can’t believe we will be doing it all over again so soon! But one thing I’ve learned is to lean on the people willing to help, to speak up when postpartum depression is crippling, sleep as often as you can and go easy on yourself- you’re doing a great job, momma! Today, looking back at Paxton as a newborn, I can see how precious and beautiful those moments really were.

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