Paxton’s new room- the happy camper

Welcome to Paxton’s new “Big Boy” room! We have successfully moved him from his smaller nursery to a space that’s a little bit bigger and a lot more fun! I liked his original animal theme that was decorated throughout his nursery, but this time I wanted a more modern feel that he can grow with. A camp/cabin theme was created with natural wood elements and decor representing the great outdoors!


Space is always an issue with babies + old homes, so we created a play area with floating baskets on the wall and a little nook he can play in.


Pax has loved spending time in his room throughout the day now that there are lots of toys and space to play! He’s also gotten used to his new sleep space for bedtimes (YAY).

I think our favourite things in the room are the ones that are hand crafted! The arrows on the wall and shelf as well as the wood mobile is from a new business called Forest + Felt. You can follow her on Instagram here.

Now if only he can stay a happy camper in his camping room 😉

Check out pictures of his nursery here and see the difference!

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