New Year, New You

The truth: I’ve been feeling pretty “blah” these days.

I know a good portion of these feelings stem from being super pregnant and getting closer and closer to my due date, but it could also be a result of me taking a backseat from taking proper care of myself this past year.

Well the new year is approaching and I think that’s a good time as any to make some changes for a better me!

Here are some ideas if you’re looking to make self care a priority in 2018!



-read a captivating book, design magazine or blog entry

-take a nap

-have a shower

-binge watch a favourite Netflix show

-go for a nature walk

-indulge in a favourite coffee beverage

-get a manicure or pedicure… or both!

-go to the gym or do some activity

-try a new workshop

-go to the library (or Indigo) and read and wander

-take a swim or soak in a Jacuzzi

-take a bath


-read scripture and devotionals

-go to bed early

-drink lots of water

-purchase a gift for myself

-see a naturopathic doctor

-get a deep tissue massage

-try out a new skin routine

-eat lots of vegetables



-try a new restaurant

-give lots of hugs

-say “I love you” often

-de-clutter home

-work together to clean/do chores

-cook a home cooked meal

-visit relatives

-invite friends over

-have play dates

-go for a walk together

-dog park

-watch a movie

-go to a local park



-go on a date

-have a meal together

-a quick coffee date on a work lunch break

-spend an overnight at a cottage, hotel or retreat

-participate in a marriage seminar

-attend couples counselling

-get a couples massage

-enjoy a night in when kids are asleep

-talk about dreams and goals

-encourage each other

-say thank you often



-have a date with your best friend

-girls day at the spa

-go out for coffee with a mentor and friend

-volunteer doing something you’re passionate about

-night out on the town

-take a trip with just the girls

-write letters, send texts, make phone calls to your tribe

-make a new friend by joining a social group

-host a party

-vent to a safe friend



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